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Hi, I'm Dustin. Thanks for visiting me on the Internet. I'm a copywriter based in Oregon focused on user experience - specializing in advertising and sales copy, content marketing, and technical writing.

Writing has always been my preferred method of communication. Don't get me wrong, talking is great too, but thanks partly to incredible guidance and copyediting from my mom when I was young, writing became a favorite subject and one of the areas where my skills stood out.

Over the past decade-plus, I've been fortunate to write professionally as a freelancer and as part of my responsibilities within other full-time jobs. My past life in web development and years in software support have given me first-hand insight into how people interact with and understand their digital tools. This, in turn, helps me shape communication around my user/audience.

Writing from a user-first perspective drives my work, and I strive to create content that is helpful (even entertaining!) to its audience. Whether we're browsing an ecommerce site or filling out a volunteer form, a good user experience is good business. 

And as someone who spends a lot of time typing and swiping, I think a lot about how to improve those experiences.

Considering a refresh of your website copy? Need content for your automated emails that's more personable than what AI is giving you? I can help with that and more - so let's talk! Shoot me an email or fill out the form below.

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